Cu Dhub Black Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The only Black Single Malt Scotch Whisky in the World – straight from the beautiful Speyside area, in the heart of the Scottish Highland. Then finished by a family of Danish Viking descendants in Denmark.

Cu Dhub Black Whisky as been awarded Gold Medal within the Highland Single Malt category at the Helsinki Whisky Fair and received a Silver Medal At the 70th annual Exposition and Convention of Wines and Spirits Wholesalers of America.

Cu Dubh Spiced Honey Mead

A Honey Mead of the Metheglin variety, this mead is infused with cinnamon, vanilla and clove. Mead was enjoyed through the ancient world and regarded as ambrosia of the gods.In Norse mythology, mead was the favorite drink of the Norse gods and heroes, e.g. in Valhalla, and the mead of the giant (Jotun) Suttung, made from the blood of Kvasir, was the source of wisdom and poetry. The nectar and ambrosia of the Greek gods are often thought of as draughts of fermented honey.

Cu Dubh Mead won 7 silver medals- World mead championship, Florida, Indy, San Fransisco Artisan awards and Texas Mead Cup

It can be bought by the bottle or by the case.

Cu Dubh Ogham Circular Necklace

This 2 sided necklace says "Cu Dubh" in Scotch Gaelic on one side and in  ancient Ogham on the other side.


Ogham is an alphabet that appears on monumental inscriptions dating from the 4th to the 6th century AD, and in manuscripts dating from the 6th to the 9th century. It was used mainly to write Primitive and Old Irish, and also to write Old Welsh, Pictish and Latin. It was inscribed on stone monuments throughout Ireland, particuarly Kerry, Cork and Waterford, and in England, Scotland, the Isle of Man and Wales, particularly in Pembrokeshire in south Wales

Cu Dubh Ogham Sticker

This is the Cu Dubh oval "Heavy Metal Bagpipes" Sticker. It has "Cu Dubh" in Scotch Gaelic and in Ogham. "Cu Dubh" translates to "Black Dog" or "Black Hound". The harbinger of doom in several myths from the ancient world. This sticker was made to incarnate the more ancient roots of heavy metal music.

Cu Dubh Tupan Drum

The Tupan/Davul has many names and has been played all over the ancient world throughout history. it is the perfect drum to accompany high volume double reed instruments. 

This Tupan drum was developed in a collaboration between David Macejka and Treehouse Drums. It was designed to be light to carry and at the same time give a thunderous low end and a high end that sounds like thunder claps. It can be customized to almost any size and several colors and finishes. Contact Treehouse Drums for other options and ordering.